What is JC+?
The project aims to develop, test and disseminate at European level, an effective and sustainable methodology to increase the employability of Low-skilled Long-term unemployed people (LTU) by providing key-training, support and guidance. In aiming to increase the employability of this target group the project will up skill, educate and empower them via a range of complementary and coherent activities.
Merseyside Expanding Horizons, Great Britain
Worksearch the JC+ pilot in UK was made up of a unique group of participants including UK natives and Italian job seekers who had recently arrived in the UK to find work. This inter cultural dimension to the pilot enabled participants to learn from one another about the job search skills and techniques in each country. The group also developed their language and communication competences through working as a club with one another. Each session was led by a guest facilitator and a peer facilitator but the content of the discussions lay always with the participants themselves. By the end of the pilot sessions 6 individuals secured employment and 6 individuals have taken up volunteer roles within The Joseph Lappin Centre.

EU challenges Spain: 70% employment rate in 2020
The employment rate for Spanish between 20 and 64 years old must go up from the current 58,6% to 74% in 2020 in accordance with the European Growth Strategy. Spain does not have an easy time of it, because even in his best moment could not do it (year 2007, historical high 70%) and the fulfilment of this objective means this rate to grow up 2% a year for the next 7 years, or in other words the creation of 630.000 workstations per year since 2004 to 2020, with the same population. The ways to create employment will be different depending on the regions, but they will need to be complemented with the improvement of the educational system and the increase of R&D&I. About the first point, Spain is one of the countries that has diminished more the school drop-outs but also it is among those who required more effort for 2020, among other things, because even now it continues on the high level of the ranking. However, regarding to population with university studies, Spain is not only on the same level of the most developed countries, but also his goal for 2020 is even higher than Germany.
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